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As weird as it is, I wanna say that they mean something, I just don’t know what. Something related to religion, because they talk about it in Unholyverse.

Might be connected with religion, might be a symbol…but unfortunately i have honestly no idea. What i know, though is that the birds on Ray’s shirt or the birds symbol in general, have no eyes or not specific eyes….so I STILL THINK that Frank having his birds’ eyes suspiciously painted the very same way Gerard and himself used to wear their make-up MEANS SOMETHING. Nobody can ever convince me about the contrary coz, guys, ‘the cross’ and ‘the blackness’ around the eyes?  It just CAN’T be anything else! I BET the birds in birds’ symbol in general (may that mean anything) do not have their eyes like that- those on Frank’s stomach though, that’s a whole different story. It is NOT a coincidence….image

I don’t know what Ray’s shirt means, like, if it’s a band shirt or something or just a cute design he liked and so he chose to wear it.

But about Frank’s tattoos, the swallows are a symbol of family/loved ones. If the swallows are landing, the tattoo means you love them and you want to create a family with them or that you want to come back home or never leave home, they ARE your home. If the swallows are flying away, they mean that you want to go away from your home and be somewhere else, with someone else. So, i know this because i want to be a tattoo artist someday and i read about the manings behind the tattoos, so i really think that Frank chose this tattoo because he wanted to say something without actually speaking. He chose this tattoo because he loved (loves) someone and he knows that a tattoo is forever.

Also, the little details on the swallows are suspicious enough to let you think that he did them for Gerard and their relationship. 

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1.) When was the last time you laughed? I laughed at “Gigione the beast”. It was a reference to Gerard’s penis

2.) Favorite social network? Tumblr

3.) A quote you’d like to share? “Homophobia is gay”

4.) Sexual orientation? Bisexual

5.) Describe your life in three words unlucky MCR obsessed

6.) What are your OTPs? Frerard, Ryden, Jalex, Pikey

7.) Favorite subject in school? Ehm, I think visual art

8.) Favorite fanfic? A Splitting of the Mind

9.) Favorite internet friend? I can’t choose, there are two people, Clarissa and Giovanna

10.) Have you ever been in love? Yeah…

11.) Is Frank Iero perfect? (answer: yes he is) Yes, obvs he is

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1.) Do you ship Frerard?

2.) Favorite band?

3.) What is your favorite color?

4.) Empty space. Say what you want

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6.) What do you think of A Splitting Of The Mind?

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